Star NRI Services

Real Estate Services

Assistance in buying, selling, renting and maintaining property; Home improvement including designing and construction/redevelopment of property.

Family Disputes & Inheritance Management

Assistance in transfer of assets, various types of legal documentation and succession planning through Wills and other solutions .

Legal & Business Services

Contracting, drafting & negotiating investment agreements, legal issues resolution, business entity set-up, compliance and finance & accounting services.

Investments related Services

Wide range of support services covering demat accounts, retrieval of dormant balances, shares & dividends, sale of unlisted shares and investments in financial assets.

Taxation Services

Tax determination, Lower TDS Certificates, Returns, Assessments and resolution of tax matters.

Other Services

Supporting banking and travel related needs of NRI’s parents in India and immigration support services to Canada.

About Star NRI Services

We are an organization committed to delivering high quality services to Non-Resident Indians located across the globe. We alm is to make life easier for our customers by taking care of the issues and problems faced by them in India. Our team of leaders, employees and partners have deep relevant experience, expertise and a passion for making our customers smile. Our services are tailored in accordance with the needs of our customers with focus on high quality delivery and transparency.

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Key Team Members

Chief Executive Officer and Expert - Legal, Property Transmission, Banking, Investments, Insurance and Business Support

Chief Operations Officer and Expert – Finance, Taxation, Real Estate, Banking and Business Support

Chief Marketing Officer and Expert – Human Care & North America Services

Chief Administrative Officer and Expert - Real Estate, Insurance and Senior Care