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Several NRIs have parents who stay in India and sometimes travel to foreign destinations to stay with their NRI children. Some of these parents are old and often need assistance with their travel requirements. Star NRI services takes complete care of all travel related needs of such seniors.

Indians who wish to migrate to Canada are often not aware of the process and formalities required for doing so and need expert help to guide them. Star NRI Services helps Indian customers navigate the complex immigration maize, working with a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant.


Seniors Care

Travel, whether domestic or international, is cumbersome as it requires planning and completion of a number of activities & formalities. In the absence of help, this becomes particularly difficult for seniors who have limited mobility and other special needs.

Star NRI Services provides full peace of mind to NRIs and their parents by ensuring that it takes complete care of all travel related needs of seniors mentioned below. All services are delivered at home without the need for seniors to step out:

Immigration Services – Canada

Star NRI Services, in partnership with a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), offers comprehensive assistance in completing VISA and immigration formalities for immigrating to Canada. The assistance covers help and advice on legal aspects, document completion and processing of applications. Our collective years of expertise in terms of Visa Assistance and immigration facilitation automatically increases the chances of Visa approval.

Experts who are 100% dedicated in their jobs ensure complete convenience and hassle-free assistance in all aspects of immigration including travel, study, work or business purposes. Star NRI Services (SNS) stands with you till your application is processed and you arrive in Canada.