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Investments Related Services

NRIs can invest in multiple assets in India including stocks, debentures, mutual funds and various Government sponsored schemes such as Government Bonds, Tax Free Bonds, National Saving Certificates, Indira Vikas Patra and Kisan Vikas Patra.

Each of these investment opportunities are governed by specific rules and regulations which are important to understand and comply with to avoid any subsequent issues with the use of the investment proceeds. We provide a number of services that are directed to help clients make appropriate investments considering their requirements, source of funds and subsequent use of the investment proceeds. Our philosophy is to help clients invest their money in assets appropriate to their needs and which generate optimum returns to them in accordance with their risk profile.

With increasing computerization and digitalization of the economy, most of the movable assets are now held in electronic mode, examples being Demat accounts for shares & debentures and e-Insurance accounts. In many cases, clients have not converted their physical shares into demat or have forgotten about some investments which become dormant or are transferred to the Government if not claimed for a certain period. We help our clients retrieve these investments from dormant status and reclaim them from the Government.


Our services are designed to assist NRIs in getting full control over &effectively managing their movable assets, make appropriate investments&realize maximum value from them and monetize non saleable legacy assets.

Our services cover the following: